Scene Locations

1. On the shore


2.Stone wall


3.At house

house 2.jpeg

4.In kitchen at table

2-24-Acres-Buncrana-Kitchen-Diner-500x350 2.jpg

5.In bedroom

kid bed 2.jpeg



7.Path on walk


8.Broken trees and bridges

swanpark3-1024x762 2.jpg

9.Stone wall


10.Newly uncovered stone road under bridge that Emma falls onto from stone wall




12.Cottage by sea at Inch Island

Inch cottage 2.jpg

13.Inside cottage by fire

grannykates-fireplace 2.jpg




Little Man Green Screen Lesson

Our first practice movie was made as a class bonding exercise.  We made an entire film from start to finish in one 8 hour day.  The process included idea generation, script writing, choosing a location and props, setting up our set, acting, filming, including a green screen of John Claude Van Dam, editing, then uploading to share!  Kevin, Sabina, Noortje and I had good fun making this!

After Effects

Today I spent time putting some of the assets for my film Leo into Adobe After Effects in order to learn more about this program and figure out how it works for animation.  After Effects is new to me so this has been a bit of a learning curve, but it is exciting to see things as they start to come together.

Script Teaser


    Photo by Ratiu Bia


I already mapped out the plot and am now on the script writing stage of my final project.  It is getting a bit longer than expected as I write it.  I am including scene instructions, a few physical character descriptions and dialogue to show personalities and bring the characters to life.  Here is a short teaser of the start of the story.  I’ll post a few lines of one of the more exciting parts as I get to it…

The Case of the Hidden Treasure

Establishing shot of landscape, a fictional version of Buncrana, on Inishowen in County Donegal, Ireland on a beautiful calm day.

Claire playing by the ocean and on the stone walls. “How are you? What’s your name?” talking to the birds in the water. I wish I had friends here to play with like you do! My cousins are coming to visit though, and I sure hope they are fun, not some boring city kids that won’t want to get their shoes dirty and stay in playing video games on their phones all day!”

“Claire! Come in and get cleaned up for dinner! Your cousins should be here soon!” yells mom from the doorway of the house.

The three cousins arrive to stay for a holiday while their parents are off to America.  Kids excited, youngest, Emma jumping about. Stewart on phone doing something on an app, headphones on, quiet and a bit absorbed.  Sorcha (Sara) bundled in multi-coloured wooly scarf, smiley, looking about at beautiful hills, ocean etc.

Dinner scene: Claire says “I’ll take you all walking on the river and ocean trail in the morning! It’s great fun!”

Sorcha “Cool, so excited to hike the trails here! Amazing!”

Stewart “Cool.”

Emma “Yeahhhh!”